Have students write a collaborative poem or story using Twitter, IM, Edmodo or Facebook. This way, authors can contribute one word, one line, or several paragraphs.

This website is dedicated to promoting inclusive schooling and exploring positive ways of supporting students with autism and other disabilities. Most of my work involves collaborating with schools to create environments, lessons, and experiences that are inclusive, respectful, and accessible for all learners.


Tip 5: Use Inclusion as a Teaching Tool

Posted on April 05, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

Today’s clip is from the bonus footage of my DVD and Professional Development Package. The footage includes a series of 10 questions about inclusion answered by administrators, teachers, and parents.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

Tip 4: Website Wednesday

Posted on April 04, 2012 in Autism, News

My Website Wednesday feature this week is autism-specific to keep within our theme of autism awareness and advocacy. Since I am pulling ideas out of “You’re Going to Love This Kid” for this week, the featured website is Brookes Publishing. There are many great resources on their newly-expanded site, so if you have not been over there recently, you will want to visit.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

Tip 3: Co-Teach with Students

Posted on April 04, 2012 in Autism, News

This still is also from the “You’re Going to Love This Kid” movie and is a snapshot of Kendra Larmour, a middle school science teacher, co-teaching with one of her students with disabilities. Kendra regularly collaborates with kids and finds opportunities for impromptu co-teaching moments in her lessons.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

A Peek at: Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun!

Posted on July 11, 2011 in Autism, Families

Some of you know Lisa Jo Rudy from her column on About.com but she not just a writer but also an educator, advocate, and mom. In her new book on having fun in the community, Lisa Jo encourages families, educators, and community members to think about inclusion beyond school walls. Recently, I had a chance to conduct a little interview with her for this blog:

Talking Autism and Inclusion in San Diego

Posted on July 02, 2011 in Autism, Inclusion

There are so many great things to report from the Autism Institute Summer Conference in San Diego. First of all, I got to see many talented colleagues present including Anne Donnellan, Martha Leary, Christi Kasa and Ari Ne’Eman. I also got to try my hand at improv in one of the breakout sessions (TONS of fun).

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