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All In The UNCONFERENCE – February 2021

Posted on February 02, 2021 in News

All In The Unconference

In case you missed the news, the UNCONFERENCE has started!

Come and learn from the voices featured in All In: Creating Inclusive Virtual Classrooms!

While some students with disabilities are heading back to physical classrooms, many are still in virtual or hybrid settings. As we begin the second semester, it is so important that we continue to engage these learners and seek creative ways to include and support them and their peers without disabilities.

If you value inclusive education and are embracing it even in this more-than-unusual year, join me and my co-authors in this unique month-long event to get some inspiration and fresh ideas for your virtual, hybrid and face-to-face classrooms!

No matter your teaching environment, this event is for you! We have learned so much from virtual instruction and so much of can be used in face-to-face classrooms. There are many ideas to explore in these 10+ hours of content:

  • Do you need engaging games and brain breaks for your inclusive classes?
  • Are you seeking new ways to connect students to peers and community?
  • Would you like some tips for designing awesome teacher-created videos for your learners?
  • Are you interested in using TikTok to reach students when they aren’t even in the classroom?
  • Could you use ideas for keeping relationships strong in distance learning settings and beyond?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t miss this unconference!

Join me and more than 12 contributors as we bring the material from this popular resource to you in a dynamic and accessible way. Sign up now to get the right tools to create inclusive learning spaces — virtual, hybrid or face-to-face. Let’s reimagine what’s possible for all.

This resource-rich event is running throughout the month of February 2021. You can register anytime through February 28th, but it’s best to join early so you have plenty of time to watch your favorite sessions.

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