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Coaster LIVE!

Posted on March 24, 2020 in News

We may be sheltering in place, but Coaster refuses to “stay”! I have made him available to all of you as of last week via my YouTube channel.

To support teachers and families who are teaching and learning virtually, I released this video so teachers of young children can share storytime with their students, and teachers of older students can craft lessons about writing (e.g., “Tell the story of pet adoption from a pet’s point of view”; “Coaster thinks his wheels are wonderful. What do you think is wonderful? Write a short story (or picture book) to help others understand how you think/feel about your wonderful thing/person/idea).”

Have your own copy of Coaster and want to make your own video? No problem. I own the copyright for this book so you are all welcome to make your own public videos, classroom clips, etc. Pass it on. This video of me reading of Coaster is free for all of us to use, read and share now and in the future!

If you are interested in getting copies of Coaster, visit Amazon or contact me through my website for information on how to get discounts.

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