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Do you have a co-teaching vision?

Posted on March 06, 2019 in Collaboration, Inclusion

Have you been using 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom to learn about co-teaching or to teach your staff about co-teaching? If so, you may have used the tools on Day 2 to create vision statements/pictures. This section of the book is designed to give teams an opportunity to envision their ideal environment, classroom “feeling”, teaching practices, and co-teaching relationship.

I have used this tool with several teams, but two exceptional teacher educators in Wisconsin, Erin Hanson and Laura Veglahn (from Cooperative Educational Service Agency [CESA] 4 in West Salem, WI), took this practice up a notch by giving teams some extended time to complete the task and then providing a bit of time for teams to share their ideas. When they sent me the results, I knew I wanted to post them on my blog to provide inspiration to other teams and trainers.

This is a pic of the fantastic group of co-teachers they assembled:

This is just a sampling of the some of the classroom vision examples they collected:

Of course, you don’t need the book to create a visual of your ideal co-taught classroom. Why not create one today?

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