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Thanks for the motivation, coach

Posted on January 25, 2019 in Inclusion

Some of you may have heard me talk about Kellen Ehrenhardt in the last few years. He is the son of a dear friend and amazing advocate, Teri Ehrenhardt. Kellen has always been a person who has had a vision. He had a full high school career of academics, sports, volunteering, and church activities and he has not slowed down in his young adult years. He still has a lot going on in all arenas of his life, but one of the most powerful roles he has in the community is as a coach of the Eureka High School Girls Basketball Team.

I was prompted to blog about Kellen (Coach K) after seeing this TV clip of his team. It is well worth a watch and a listen! I love that the announcers highlight Coach K’s accomplishments in this clip, but my favorite part is how calm, cool, and collected he is during such a big tournament game! It much have been nerve-wracking, but this leader clearly knows how to take the pressure.

This footage was actually shot several months ago, but I am just getting around to sharing it now. I had planned to post about it during tournament time this year, but I decided to post it today primarily because I was recently thinking about Coach K’s motivational techniques of choosing great music, having fun during workouts, and staying positive with messages to the athletes. As I am (like many of us) recommitting to my fitness routine this month, I thought about Kellen, changed up my music, and focused on positive messages.

So this post is to not only designed to celebrate a generous young man for his service, support and encouragement, but to thank Kellen and all coaches who motivate us in sports and beyond! And now I’m off to download some Kellen-recommended tunes and to try and figure out how to get in the Coach K mindset of running laps for fun. Wish me luck!

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