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Universal Design Daily: A new book and an offer

Posted on May 27, 2017 in Differentiating Instruction

  • Need new ideas for motivating your students?
  • Interested in adding new visuals, video, and models to lessons?
  • Want to “jazz up” your assessments?
  • Looking for new tech tools for the classroom?
  • Seeking new ways to collaborate with colleagues?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, check out my new book, Universal Design Daily. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed that I have recently shared a little bit of information about this project, a book that includes one UDL idea for each day of the year!

This book was about three-years in the making and was inspired by many conversations I had with teachers who were beginning to learn about Universal Design as a lesson planning model and needed ideas for translating theory to practice. These educators were interested in planning for the diverse learners in the classrooms but wanted quick and easy ways to generate options for engagement, representation, and action and expression. This book was my attempt to do just that.

There are 365 ideas in this book. Each is just a few paragraphs long, so it is a nice tool to use as you plan or even as you teach.

There are several sections in the book; some are designed to help with implementing UDL. These sections feature ideas like “Prep & Plan” found on Day 27:

Most of the book is centered on lessons themselves. The three sections related to the categories of UDL are, of course, the heart of the book. You will find ideas for increasing engagement like this one on Day 87:

You will also find strategies for increasing methods of action and expression like “Go For a Goal” on Day 136:

Finally, you will find teacher-tested tips for increasing representation options. One such option is featured on Day 162 “Show the Shark & The Sunflower”:

As a way to introduce the book to all of you, I am sharing three great promotions.

  1. If you order 5-100 books, click Get my copy and enter the code A8Y5MQ6Q to save 20% until June 10th, 2017
  2. If you order 100 books, get 25% off and get a professional book club set: 5 copies of Joyful Learning, Just Give Him the Whale, or A Land We Can Share. Contact Booksales for details.
  3. But 500+ copies, get a 35% discount, 5 copies of Joyful Learning, Just Give Him the Whale, or A Land We Can Share, and get a 60-minute webinar to use in professional development. Contact Booksales for details.

Order now and get ready for your upcoming book clubs, beach reading, or summer professional development!

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