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Apple sweater shuffle

Posted on March 17, 2017 in Collaboration, News

Remember the rap video I created with my co-author, Julie Causton, last year? Really…how could you forget?

Now that I have refreshed your memory, take a look at this video sent to me by a group of Chicago Public School Teachers at Brentano Math & Science Academy. I worked with teachers at Brentano during an inclusive education workshop series this year.

Their “apple sweater shuffle” had me swooning. Want to have some fun (you will likely need your computer rather than your phone/tablet to pull this off)? Since their video doesn’t have any sound, first click play on my video to start the co-teaching rap. While the music is playing, scroll down to the CPS teacher video and click “play” to watch them perform as background dancers. They put me and my co-author to shame! I am so impressed by their outfits, their energy, and their dance moves!!! I am most impressed, however, with the fact that these wonderful teachers are committed to inclusive education and are engaging in practices every day to welcome a wide range of learners into their public school classrooms!

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