Need to get a student to become more familiar with a communication device? Institute daily rituals. For instance, have the student provide a “fact of the day” each morning.

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It’s back-to-school time

Posted on September 01, 2015 in News

Today is back-to-school day at my house so that officially signals the end of summer for me. One of my daughters started middle school this year, so it was an especially eventful day. I have so much nervous energy today so I thought I should channel my energy and share a few thoughts, ideas and resources with all of you.

The most exciting news I have is not really news. Well, not yet anyway. In a few weeks, I will have an update on a new co-teaching book I am doing with Dr. Julie Causton. It will be available in late fall, but we are already having fun promoting it. Stay tuned here on the blog to learn more about the book in the next few weeks and to learn why we have taken to wearing matching apple sweaters.

Apple Sweaters

In other new happenings, I will start putting out a quarterly newsletter as of October 1st. Each letter will feature a new adaptation idea for the inclusive classroom, reading recommendations and news about upcoming promotions or events. In other words, it will have content that won’t be featured elsewhere.

Interested in subscribing? Simply subscribe to and you will receive every issue. If you are already a subscriber, you don’t need to do a thing. We’ve got you covered!

Finally, I thought I would share some great links for back-to-school support for inclusive schools. Check out some or all of these ideas from my website articles and post blog posts to help teachers, students and families start the year with success:

Feel free to pass these resources on to others and to comment about other tools/links you are finding useful this time of year.

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