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Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Richard Villa

Posted on March 24, 2015 in Inclusion

Interested in co-teaching? Collaborating? Inclusive lesson planning? Building classroom communities? Encouraging peer supports? You name it, Dr. Richard Villa has written about it, presented on it or advocated for it. Rich Villa has long been one of my professional heroes, so it is such a pleasure to finally get to bring him to Illinois Includes.

Richard A. Villa has worked with thousands of teachers and administrators throughout North America and the world, to develop and implement organizational and instructional support systems for educating all students within general education settings. Rich has had almost every job in education you can imagine including middle and high school classroom teacher, special educator, special education coordinator, pupil personnel services director, and director of instructional services. Today, Rich works with schools, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and advocacy organizations. He has authored over one hundred articles and book chapters (yes, one hundred) on inclusive education, differentiated instruction, collaborative planning and teaching and school restructuring. Dr. Villa has co-edited twelve books and developed three multimedia kits for teachers, administrators and parents.

Dr. Villa has presented at numerous national and international conferences, and is known for his enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and humorous style of presenting. He has been the keynote for every major inclusive education conference in the country and now that includes the one here in Chicago!

Hoping that some of you will get to see Richard Villa at Illinois Includes. You will laugh a lot, but you will learn even more.


  1. From Lynda on 4 Jan 2016

    Richard presented at our fall district wide professional development. He’s wonderful.