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Speaker Spotlight: Jacqueline Thousand

Posted on March 17, 2015 in Inclusion, News

I first saw Dr. Jacqueline Thousand present about twenty years ago when I was a new teacher in an inclusive school. I left her workshop so inspired and immediately read everything she had written to that point. Today, reading everything she has written would take quite a bit of time! Jacqueline has authored numerous books, research articles and chapters on issues related to inclusive schooling, organizational change strategies, differentiated instruction and universal design, cooperative group learning, collaborative teaming and teaching, creative problem solving, and positive behavioral supports. So many of her writings I count as favorites, but the one book that had the biggest impact on me was Creating an Inclusive School. Many of you know it well, I am sure. I used it not only as a teacher, but as a teacher educator and as an advocate. It has been an invaluable resource in my work and was one of the first books of its kind on the market.

Jacque has also been a professor in the College of Education at California State University, San Marcos and at the University of Vermont, where she directed Inclusion Facilitator and Early Childhood/Special Education graduate and postgraduate professional preparation programs and coordinated federal grants concerned with inclusion of students with disabilities in local schools. She is a nationally-known teacher, author, systems change consultant, and disability rights and inclusive education advocate. And in my opinion (and in the opinion of many)…she is one of the very best!

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Creating an Inclusive School

In this comprehensive resource on inclusive schooling, administrators, general and special educators, and parents explore how inclusive education can support a diverse student body at all grade levels. They show how schools can meet standards and provide a “least restrictive environment” for students with disabilities by using cooperative learning, teaming, multi-age grouping, multicultural education, social skills training, and educational technology applications. And they explain how to facilitate change by using universal design principles and other curricular, instructional, assessment, and organizational practices.

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