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Day 3: Conference registration

Posted on December 03, 2014 in News

So many great conferences, so little money! Are you looking for a great gift to support the inclusion-loving educator or advocate in your life? Consider giving him or her registration to a great inclusion-themed conference. There are many to choose from including the one I help to organize each year—Illinois Includes. We are not accepting registrations yet, but you could create and hand out your own registration “gift certificates” to be used when registration opens in January!


Or you could pick a conference that is closer to your area. Near or in Colorado? Purchase a registration for PEAK Parent Center’s upcoming February conference. Or if you are in Pennsylvania, check out the website of The Peal Center for details on their inclusion conference scheduled for March 25th. Inclusion conferences are also happening in Texas, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Indiana next year.

Have I missed some? Add a comment and let me know!


  1. From Paula Kluth on 3 Dec 2014

    Forgot Syracuse University’s Inclusion Institute in August:

  2. From Juliette on 3 Dec 2014

    We gave away a ‘gift certificate’ for a ticket to the Illinois Includes conference to a lucky teacher at a local school that participated in our organization’s annual walk fundraising event. Each school that participated got an entry into a raffle for a gift certificate to attend! Hopefully the school district will send another teacher with him/her! ;>D

  3. From Nelia on 3 Dec 2014

    Any in California?

  4. From Paula Kluth on 5 Dec 2014

    I don’t know of any, Nelia, but you might check with Cal TASH to see if they are hosting one or if they know of any:

  5. From Paula Kluth on 7 Dec 2014

    Juliette– I LOVE THAT!!