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Day 2: Sensory seats

Posted on December 02, 2014 in News

Seat Cushion
I know, I know…..I sound like a broken record when it comes to promoting sensory-safe learning, but every teacher really does need a few seating options (see this post a few weeks ago where I swooned over one teacher’s sensory-fabulous space) in the classroom. Beanbag chairs are great, but some teachers don’t have space for them. Exercise balls are also a nice option, but they can be pricey and are not so portable if the support needs to move with the student.

So, what else can be tried? How about inflatable disc seats? They are available from many different vendors (including therapy and medical companies), come in a range of colors, and offers unique support for students who are sensory-seeking.

Administrators, want to sell your teachers on the benefits of alternative seating options? Offer some at your next faculty meeting. They will be sold!

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