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Day 1: GoNoodle subscription

Posted on December 01, 2014 in News

GoNoodle banner
If you have been one of my workshops in the last few years, you know I am all about movement, brain breaks and active learning. One of my secret weapons for promoting this work? GoNoodle! I talk about it so much that some people ask me if I work for the company! (I don’t.)

There many great apps, programs, and websites out there to promote movement in the classroom so it is hard to choose a favorite, but GoNoodle seems to be the one that educators (especially those in elementary schools) cannot live without.

GoNoodle is free, but if you want to take your activities up a notch and bring a little novelty into the classroom, an enhanced version can be purchased for $99.00/year. I use the enhanced option because it has more options connected to curriculum (e.g., vocabulary dances/moves) and because I think the choices are more varied if you are teaching in the upper elementary grades.

Want to look into GoNoodle for the entire school or district? The website gives a phone number you can call for group discounts, so this may be an option to explore for administrators, school board members or PTO parents.


  1. From Mary on 2 Dec 2014

    I am a big supporter of spirited and purposeful classrooms but I can’t help but think… if the money that was put into excessive textbooks and subscriptions was put into a few more teachers per grade level would be need computer animation? I had a nun do “reaching so high, bending so low” with 20 classmates 3x a week in the afternoon. I am successful. Why do we keep thinking new subscriptions and tec based solutions are the answer? People need people.

  2. From Paula Kluth on 3 Dec 2014

    Mary, you can use the subscription to add to the number of activities, but the primary menu of activities is totally free of charge!

  3. From Sheila Danaher on 3 Dec 2014

    Paula, I too am obsessed with GoNoodle. The teachers I work with love the great simple ideas on ways to get students moving. Many simple ideas, more movement = less sitting so healthier students. Love it!

  4. From Julia on 3 Dec 2014

    This is great! I like that with Go Noodle you are able to easily and quickly include movement in the classroom at a moment’s notice. It’s a great way to meet students’ needs and be responsive. I like to use brain breaks after students have been sitting for a while or if I notice that students are getting wiggly. Thanks for sharing this resource, Paula!

  5. From Rose on 5 Dec 2014

    I’m looking at it – it seems very difficult to navigate. All the “games” are listed apparently randomly, and the two I’ve looked at so far take a really long time to load (“Flow” has taken 4 minutes so far). Is there some sort of order? Search capability? List of teacher favourites?

  6. From Paula Kluth on 5 Dec 2014

    Hi Rose- I find that with all web-based tools, it takes me some time to explore and navigate, but this is a good starting point for learning the basics: http://blog.gonoodle.com/2014/10/7-hacks-every-gonoodler-needs-to-know/