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Flashback Friday: Take a breath

Posted on October 31, 2014 in News

Another idea from You’re Welcome by Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz

Whether you support young children or adults, introducing deep breathing exercises to curb stress and deal with struggles like transitions and schedule changes can be a life saver. Begin by teaching the individual the exercises and then follow up by sharing videos or step-by-step checklists to reinforce the new skill.

You can find a social narrative here (from a book by Beverly Vicker) on using deep breathing with young adults.


  1. From Elise Hopkins (Kids Included Together) on 9 Nov 2014

    I love this! We use a lot of Mindfulness exercises at my school. I work at a charter school where the expectations and rigor are very high for students when their home lives can also be very stressful. Taking time to do relaxation exercises (like breathing exercises) shows students that we care about their well-being and also helps them refocus so they can actually do their best. We should use these at KIT– breathing exercises can really benefit ALL children! Thanks for sharing!