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Day 18: Lucy’s Story: Autism and Other Adventures

Posted on April 18, 2014 in Autism

Lucy's Story coverLong before I knew about Carly’s Voice, I knew about Lucy’s Story. Lucy Blackman has a story very similar to Carly Fleishman’s in that she lived for years without the ability to communicate and enjoyed an awakening of sorts in her family life, schooling, and opportunities once those around her could finally see her abilities, needs, and challenges.

I really appreciate how Lucy details her reactions to different approaches and supports (e.g., auditory integration therapy). As a teacher, I have learned a lot about sensory issues and movement differences from this book and have really profited from being able to understand how a person experiences these problems from the inside out.

I also love the mother-daughter relationship that is detailed from chapter to chapter. This family story is one of high expectations, listening, and mutual support.

** This is a great book for learning more about the behavior of those with complex needs. If you know and/or love someone who has challenging behaviors (e.g., unusual vocalizing, running), you may find some insights here.

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