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Day 16: There’s a Boy in Here: Emerging from the Bonds of Autism

Posted on April 16, 2014 in News

Theres a boy in here coverToday, Sean Barron is a successful advocate, writer, and journalist, but as a child, he isolated, unhappy, and constantly frustrated. Confused about how to interact with others , he shares that he often felt like an alien—even in his own family.

There’s a Boy in Here-written by Sean and his mother-is such a touching and unique account as we hear family stories from two voices and two perspectives. These dual vantage points helped me a lot in my early days as a teacher, because I had never before considered that the child’s experience could be so different from my own. After reading this book, I would regularly try to imagine how different scenarios with my students might be seen from their point of view; I am not sure I would have been able to shift my perspective in that way had I not read There’s a Boy in Here.

It is true that the book can be a bit depressing as Sean battles feelings of sadness and loneliness in chapter after chapter, but it is this honesty and willingness to pull back the curtain on a not-always-so-perfect family life that made this mother-and-son book so compelling for me as a reader.

** As I did as a young teacher, use this book as a tool for flipping your perspective as you deal with classroom challenges. In your meetings, talk about how you see the problem and then brainstorm ideas for how the child may be seeing or experiencing the problem. If possible ask the parents or the child himself to provide this perspective.

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