For reluctant writers, introduce novel or unexpected materials and supports. Try old typewriters, novelty or colored pencils, voice-activated software or story starters.

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Day 13: I Am Intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing

Posted on April 13, 2014 in Autism

I am Intelligent coverThis lovely book is Peyton Goddard’s journey from silence to communication, from segregation to inclusion, and from isolation to connection. After years of struggle, Peyton is finally is able to access her voice via computer keyboard; this book is the story of that experience told in her own words and in the words of her mother, Dianne.

I am Intelligent details the Goddard family’s experiences through joys and sorrows. One of those joys is seeing Peyton graduate from college as valedictorian after she has experienced years of being seen as incapable of learning.

I love so many different things about this book, but her focus on inclusion is one of the reasons I recommend it so often. There are certainly other messages to take away, but for those who care so much about making schools and communities accessible and welcoming, this is the theme that may resonate with you most.

** Idea for using this book: Since the story is coming from both a child and a parent, it may be a nice read aloud for families.

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