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Day 8: Asperger Syndrome in the Family: Redefining Normal

Posted on April 08, 2014 in Autism

Asperger Syndrome coverLianne Holliday Willey writes Asperger Syndrome in the Family wearing two hats; she is a woman on the autism spectrum and she is the mother of a daughter who is an “Aspie” as well.

In reading even a few pages, you will see that reading Lianne’s books is like sitting down for lunch with a friend; she is insightful, funny, and warm and relatable. She is also very generous in taking us into private family moments and talking very honestly about marriage and parenthood.

This book is also very helpful. Lianne does offer a lot of tips in all of her books, but in this particular text, the reader finds subtle recommendations and gentle advice on nearly every page.

The best part of the book? The “Self-Affirmation Pledge for Aspie Parents” in the appendix. Don’t miss it!

** Idea for using this book: This is a great introduction to Asperger syndrome for an adult or young person. There are many web links, some “fast facts” for newbies, and even a guide to making small talk for readers looking for support.

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