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Day 4: How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move?: Inside My Autistic Mind

Posted on April 04, 2014 in News

I am a fan of all of Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay’s work including this newer book. How Can I Talk if My Lips Don’t Move is-above all-a poetic and compelling story of a life. The book provides a glimpse into the experiences of a child who had very little reliable communication for most of his life. The reader follows Tito’s journey as he gains access to his voice through typed communication and handwriting and shares his thoughts on his autism, on living without expression, and on misunderstandings of autism. Tito shares many struggles in these pages, but sums up his experience with this reflection: “…I feel blessed for being what I am.”

If you have never read anything from this young man, do yourself a favor and check out this book or his earlier work, The Mind Tree. You can also check him out on YouTube to learn more about his life and his communication journey.

** Idea for using this book: Read it to students/children who are non-verbal or to those who do not have reliable communication. When I share this book, I find that many learners who typically have a hard time sitting still or attending to a book, become very interested and sometimes, even relaxed. This exercise allows these individuals to learn more about autism, to understand that we are doing our best to learn more about their needs, and may even provide them with specific coping strategies.


  1. From Joanne Kersten on 4 Apr 2014

    Hi Paula, Thanks for your message. I have a thank you note you wrote to me when we were @ Kruse! Call me xxx-560-0651. Lots of catching up to do! My son is a special ed teacher. Miss you!