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Day 2: Painted Words: Aspects of Autism Translated

Posted on April 02, 2014 in Autism

Today’s selection is not only one of my teachers, but from one of my friends. However, I am not featuring this book because of that friendship. I am sharing this work because Painted Words is one of the most unique resources out there when it comes to understanding autism “from the inside out”. At first glance, this book does not seem to meet the criteria for this list as it is a poetry collection and an art collection, but Endow also fills this book with compelling prose. Her life stories and experiences are front and center in this text so the reader gets a bit of everything with this purchase- stories, art, and even practical tips.

Like Luke Jackson (see Day 1 of this series), Judy Endow offers both her personal experience and sage advice to those trying to straddle “autistic and neurotypical thinking and behavior”. This book does a great job, in particular, of providing a peek into the sensory world of those on the spectrum. Don’t miss it!

** Idea for using this book: Share this book with your students and loved ones on the spectrum. Many will be drawn to the art and the descriptions shared and some may even be inspired to create their own unique products (e.g., writings, sculpture, paintings) related to autism or neurodiversity.

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