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Speaker Spotlight: Cheryl Jorgensen

Posted on March 19, 2014 in Inclusion

Cheryl Jorgensen banner

We are so lucky to have one of the best inclusion advocates in the country coming to Illinois Includes this year. Cheryl Jorgensen was one of the first to engage in work on inclusive high schools, to address the need to provide high quality academic experiences to all, to talk about the need to support students with significant disabilities in inclusive classrooms and to discuss the connections between the Common Core State Standards and inclusive education. Currently, Dr. Jorgensen is an inclusive education consultant in private practice. She has previously served as a Project Director with the Institute on Disability (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and assistant research professor in UNH’s Education Department.

Dr. Jorgensen will be our opening keynote and will be discussing high standards for all in the inclusive school.

Cheryl Jorgensen FIWant to learn more about Cheryl Jorgensen? Visit her website, check out this bold and important letter on inclusion she had published in the New York Times, or read this fantastic piece she wrote on the “least dangerous assumption”. After reading these pieces, you will see that you won’t find an advocate more passionate, committed, or in-the-know than Cheryl.

Still want more information? Pick up one of Cheryl’s many books on inclusive education. One of my favorite selections is The Inclusion Facilitator’s Guide, an innovative book that is designed to help schools understand the new and changing roles of educators in inclusive schools. The book contains ideas for
transforming the hearts and minds of those skeptical of reform and offers strategies for supporting students to be full participants and learners within the general education curriculum and classroom.

Check out all of Cheryl’s work and don’t miss your chance to see her right here in Illinois on May 7th at Illinois Includes!

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