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Speaker Spotlight: Keith Jones

Posted on February 27, 2014 in News

Today begins my 8 part series “speaker spotlight” designed to introduce you to some fabulous advocates in the field and to give you a peek at the sessions you will see at this year’s Illinois Includes Conference.

I am so excited to highlight the work of Keith Jones to kick off the series. Keith has been doing work in advocacy for years, but many of us were introduced to him in the award-winning documentary, Including Samuel. His poignant story, his powerful style, and his often hilarious “points-to-ponder” make him one of the most popular speakers in the field today. We were thrilled when he agreed to come to Chicago this spring and you will see why after watching this short clip of Keith talking about academic challenge. My favorite part of this excerpt is Keith’s humorous question, “Can I get some math?” Priceless.

Keith is not only an advocate for folks with disabilities, but a musician and an motivational speaker. Keith Jones will be presenting the keynote and a breakout session on Day 2 of Illinois Includes.

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  1. From Melissa Campbell on 27 Feb 2014

    Can’t wait to see him in Illinois. We are hoping to bring our Inclusion Team from Canada! So exciting!

  2. From Paula Kluth on 27 Feb 2014

    We would love to have you- please do bring the team! We have such a great line-up and it would be wonderful to have International participation :)