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A nice honor from a wonderful group

Posted on January 30, 2014 in News

A few months ago, I was asked to travel to Pittsburgh to receive a special award from one of the best advocacy organizations around, The PEAL Center. If you don’t know about PEAL, you should. PEAL “is an organization of parents of children with special health care needs and disabilities reaching out to assist other parents and professionals”. PEAL hosts conferences and webinars, puts out a great newsletter, offers parent mentorship, bring workshops to families and educators, and more.

PEAL award

There were several awards given. I received the “Inclusive Education Champion” award. It was special to receive this honor from a group I have always admired but it was made all the more special because I received an award from someone I consider a mentor, Liz Healy, and was honored the same night as another advocate I have admired for years, Ceil Belasco.


The evening was lovely. They had a great band, an auction, and a wonderful view of the city.


The best part? I got to share it with my youngest daughter. It was her first business trip with mom and her first formal inclusion-themed event. It won’t be her last, however, as she has already asked, “When can we do that again?”

liz peal


  1. From CC Duncan on 30 Jan 2014


  2. From Mary Komperda on 31 Jan 2014

    How can we do this in Illinois? This is fabulous. Thanks.

  3. From Robert Hanson on 4 Feb 2014

    Enjoyed seeing the picture of your wonderful family and congratulations on your award!

    Sincerely, Bob