Have students write a collaborative poem or story using Twitter, IM, Edmodo or Facebook. This way, authors can contribute one word, one line, or several paragraphs.

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Idea #23: Whisper

Posted on April 23, 2013 in Autism

Another idea from You’re Welcome by Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz

Use a calm, quiet voice as much as possible, especially if the individual is upset. Many on the spectrum report that whispers are calming and comforting as well as easier to understand in some situations.

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  1. From John on 23 Apr 2013

    Dear Paula,
    I am a husband/father/disability advocate/self advocate who is growing wiser thanks to your blog. Today’s post got my attention even more than usual. Would love to see this topic get more detailed coverage in your blog. Communicating with diverse audiences, communicating intent, communicating emotional issues effectively etc.? It is so vital and so quickly messed up when dealing people and issues close to our hearts. I am considering getting a new tattoo “just whisper” on the back of each hand, that’s how important today’s post is.

  2. From Paula Kluth on 25 Apr 2013

    I just loved reading this post. You have ME thinking about getting that tattoo! I also started thinking about all sorts of communication that feels more accessible to some students I know- the written word, communicating with songs/music, etc.