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Autism Awareness Month: 30 Ideas in 30 Days

Posted on April 01, 2013 in Autism, News

For the fourth year in a row, I will be sharing 30 ideas in 30 days during April. I will share ideas from six different books and will feature photos, examples, and teacher-tested tips. I hope you will enjoy the ideas and be able to use them to better support your students and your children.

If you do enjoy the ideas, consider “paying it forward” by passing the links on to others. Something you share could make a big (or small but important) difference in the life of someone on the spectrum. To further motivate you to repost, share, and tweet, here is a fun pay-it-forward video that will both inspire and make you smile:

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for tip #1!


  1. From Judith Kober on 4 Apr 2013

    Hello Paula,

    I love your site, please put me on your mailing list

  2. From Paula Kluth on 4 Apr 2013

    Hi Judith – I just signed you up to receive the blog posts from at the email address you provided. Thank you for joining!

  3. From Leslie Smith on 5 Apr 2013

    Me, too!! I saw you speak at a conference at Northern Arizona University in 2007 (?) while I was acquiring my Masters Degree in Special Education. Most importantly, I am the mom of 2 boys on the Spectrum. You inspired me, made me laugh, and made it seem okay that my boy perseverated on animals. THANK YOU ~ I love all of your books <3

  4. From Christine Healy on 12 Apr 2013

    I’d like to sign up for your blog, but I’m having some technical difficulties. Can you sign me up?

  5. From Julia Snider on 31 Mar 2014

    Hi Paula! We are gearing up for Autism Awareness month. The Inclusion Committee at our school was thinking about having someone read a quote or fact related to Autism each day over the morning announcements. Any suggestions, links, or ideas? Thanks!