Try a new co-teaching structure if you are mostly using one teach-one support. Try station teaching or parallel teaching to “shake up” your lessons.

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The power of being welcomed

Posted on January 21, 2013 in Inclusion, News

How can you bring this kind of inclusive energy, sentiment, or spirit to your school? Community?


  1. From Lauri on 20 Feb 2013

    Love this Paula! Thank you!

  2. From Brenda Thiam on 18 Mar 2013


    I’m looking for the video but it’s not showing up. I watched it a month or so ago and would love to use it for some autism PD I’m doing for teachers. I bookmarked it so that I could come back to it but it’s not here! Was it taken down? Looking forward to share it with colleagues. Great video :)


  3. From Paula Kluth on 18 Mar 2013

    Hi Brenda – the video is still playing on my blog post (for me, at least). You can also find it on YouTube here: