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Can you help Henry?

Posted on November 13, 2012 in Advocacy, Autism, Families, Inclusion, News

Henry is well over the half way mark in getting 10,000 signatures on his petition but he needs your help. He is in a huge battle with his school district to get into his neighborhood school.

This is an important campaign because Henry and his family are bringing attention to the real challenges that parents and children face in “getting inclusion” and they are showing us how social media might be used to do this work. Cases like this one can serve as lighthouses that the rest of us can follow in our own journeys. So, if you can sign this petition and get others to do it too, that would be a big help.

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  1. From Anna Berkner on 13 Nov 2012

    You have my support for full inclusion! Henry does belong in a classroom with all his peers. Best wishes!

  2. From Jim Chapple on 16 Nov 2012

    You have my support Henry!

  3. From Lauri on 16 Nov 2012

    Thank you so much, Paula!

  4. From Dawn Fabbro on 15 Mar 2013

    Did Henry get 10,000 signatures? Is he going to his neighborhood school yet?

  5. From Maggie Scocozza on 15 Mar 2013

    Good Luck Henry!