For reluctant writers, introduce novel or unexpected materials and supports. Try old typewriters, novelty or colored pencils, voice-activated software or story starters.

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Posted on April 25, 2012 in News

This week, I am featuring quick teaching ideas for the classroom like those featured in “From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks”. Using video as a learning tool is one of the ideas from the book. You can make videos or look for examples on the web. One resource you may find helpful in your search is Video Jug.

Video Jug contains hundreds of how-to videos on topics ranging from dating to cooking to dressing. These are not created with students in mind, but many will be appropriate for older students needing help with social skills, manners, and simple skill acquisition. Some might also be appropriate for younger children.


  1. From Ann Paul on 26 Apr 2012

    Dear Paula,
    I heard your presentation today in Howard County. You did such a wonderful job and really held everyone’s attention. I have been teaching in the county for 28 years, and I have had many experiences working with autistic students and others with special needs. I have had opportunities to co-teach with several terrific special educators, and I have learned a great deal from them. As I was listening to you, I thought of the many children who struggle with reading and math who do not have an IEP. Everything you talked about today can be applied to working with those students as well. I hope others in the audience felt the same way because these seven tenets work with everyone. Thanks again for a great program.

    Ann Paul

  2. From Megan on 28 Apr 2012

    What a great resource! I will be showing this to my staff.