Have students write a collaborative poem or story using Twitter, IM, Edmodo or Facebook. This way, authors can contribute one word, one line, or several paragraphs.

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Tip 24: Try “First/Then” Boards

Posted on April 24, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

In this video illustrating one of the 100 ideas in my book, “From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks”, my co-author Sheila Danaher and I share an idea for helping students manage the school day and keep motivation high.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days


  1. From Amy on 24 Apr 2012

    This is a great explanation of first/then boards. Thank you.

  2. From Tricia on 24 Apr 2012

    Love this idea! It is simple and striaght forward yet adaptable to different situations. You can have it done sophistocately in complex sitautions or impromptu manner with just paper and pen. We also find it very useful in helping our son to organize his thoughts and communicate more effectively rather than rambling on his monologue or tangling in his random strings of thoughts or “unique” connections/processingof his environment.

  3. From Rose Striplin on 24 Apr 2012

    Yes First/Then works really well for some of our students. Thanks

  4. From Julie Mecikalski on 27 Apr 2012

    “From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks” is a fabulous book with many amazing ideas! I recommend it highly!!