Incorporate cool down or relaxation activities into the school day (e.g., yoga, deep breathing).

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Tip 22: Creating Fidget Bags for All

Posted on April 22, 2012 in Autism, News

Today, I am featuring a video tip on how to create fidget bags for all students in an inclusive classroom. This idea is from my book, From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks and is just one of seven tips that will be shared on the topic of how to adapt or create classroom materials for learners with unique learning profiles.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

A few photos from the book will be shared, but I will also have one or two more videos to post this week (including one or two featuring my co-author, Sheila Danaher).


  1. From Julie Vanderwagen on 23 Apr 2012

    I am putting this on my summer to-do list. I am going to make a class set of figit bags for next year. Great tip to have the OT come in to talk to the whole class on using figits to help stay focused.
    Paula, do you have ideas for classroom management of figits? I have a few students that like to “shoot” things across the room.

  2. From Michelle Allen on 23 Apr 2012

    Julie, one strategy to manage the fidgets is to tell kids that the fidgets have to stay below shoulder level. Another strategy would be to try “stay put” fidgets, such as sticking velcro or other texture under or on the desk or clipping the fidget to a belt loop.

  3. From Deanna on 28 Apr 2012

    I would love some ideas for things to use as fidgets and places to find them.


  4. From Teacher Blogs: All for One and One for All « From Surviving to Thriving on 28 Apr 2012

    […] Creating Fidget Bags for All (I have already made a sample bag for class.) […]

  5. From Linda C. on 30 Apr 2012

    I found several items in the $1 section at Target.