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Tip 13: BIG Magnetic Words

Posted on April 13, 2012 in Autism, Literacy, News

Due to motor planning problems, many learners need options for “writing without a pencil”. iPads, keyboards, and even typewriters can work. So can plastic letters, pocket charts, letter tiles, Scrabble pieces, and sentence strips.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

Magnetic poetry kits may also work well, but some are hard for little fingers to manipulate. For these students try the REALLY BIG WORDS kit from Magnetic Poetry. Each word is an inch and a half tall and, therefore, much easier to pick up and manipulate. The kit includes over 100 words and is perfect for both older and younger learners. Younger children can group words by certain characteristics and “write” simple sentences. Older students can write poems and short stories, create rhymes or lyrics, and design word pictures

Want to make your own magnetic poetry? Simply follow these simple directions at the Read.Write.Think website.

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