Have students write a collaborative poem or story using Twitter, IM, Edmodo or Facebook. This way, authors can contribute one word, one line, or several paragraphs.

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Tip 4: Website Wednesday

Posted on April 04, 2012 in Autism, News

My Website Wednesday feature this week is autism-specific to keep within our theme of autism awareness and advocacy. Since I am pulling ideas out of “You’re Going to Love This Kid” for this week, the featured website is Brookes Publishing. There are many great resources on their newly-expanded site, so if you have not been over there recently, you will want to visit.

First of all, you will all want to enter the drawing for a collection of autism resources. There are two collections you can choose from, and one is a collection of all of my products from Brookes Publishing including the new DVD professional development kit. The kit alone is worth over $100, so be sure to drop your name in their virtual hat ASAP.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

You will also want to browse the “Ask the Experts” feature as they have included short Q & A conversations with some great autism researchers and presenters including Pat Mirenda, Christina Whalen, Barry Prizant, Deb Leach, and many more.

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