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Tip 2: Daily Greeting

Posted on April 02, 2012 in News

Greet your students at the door each morning. This simple gesture will not only help you build community in your inclusive classroom, but will give all students a chance to practice social skills such as saying “good morning”, giving compliments, and shaking hands.

This photo of third-grade teacher, Diane Berin, is a still from my new DVD “You’re Going to Love This Kid”; Diane greets her third graders every day and believes this ritual is imperative. In the film, she shares why:

…they remind me when it’s their birthday because I always forget, they remind me that their grandfather has recently passed away, they remind me they forgot their homework, they forgot their book bag, they have a new pair of shoes on. It’s like that brief, even if it’s just ten seconds with each child really helps me understand how they’re entering into my classroom.


  1. From Korene on 3 Apr 2012

    I really love this idea, as simple as it is. I often get so wrapped up in all the things I need to do in the morning and I don’t give them a proper greeting always.

  2. From Alyssa on 4 Apr 2012

    This is one of my favorite parts of the day!! I have a great picture I’d love to share with you from my class of our morning/afternoon ‘hug, high five, handshake’ to say good morning and good bye.

  3. From Amy on 7 Apr 2012

    It is a great reminder that something so simple can mean so much. Our whole class loves being welcomed into the class!

  4. From Paula Kluth on 7 Apr 2012

    Please DO send me the photo at paula.kluth@gmail.com. I would love to see it and post it if possible!