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DAY 8: Label Maker

Posted on December 08, 2011 in News

Let me count the ways I love giving a label maker as a gift to a teacher. It not only helps educators keep a neat and organized classroom (so helpful for students with autism and learning disabilities), but it can serve as a support for emerging writers.

I know more than one student who likes to spell out words on the label maker as an alternative to writing, stamping, or typing. Finally, label makers allow teachers to make quick adaptations. For instance, instead of having a student write out his homework each day, you might type it for him and just give him the responsibility of peeling and sticking the reminder on to his notebook. Labels can also serve as a student’s “signature” in a yearbook or sign-in sheet if an on-the-spot alternative to writing is needed.


  1. From Lydelle on 26 Sep 2012

    Great ideas, Paula. I might have to get one for a girlfriend of mine (she’s a teacher). I was thinking about getting a label maker in order to help French vocabulary and labeling things around the house. I also thought it’d be fun for me and the kids to try and learn together this way whenever we are home.