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DAY 4: TEGU Blocks

Posted on December 05, 2011 in News

My kindergarten and first grade teacher friends rave about TEGU building blocks. If you have not tried them yourself, it is a “must” on your next trip to the neighborhood toy shop.

Amazon.com TEGU block set

The original TEGU set contains 4 shapes (cube, short plank, long plank, and a thicker piece that is called “candy bar”). All of the pieces are made of wood and have hidden magnets that make assembly easy even for little ones who struggle with fine motor skills. The blocks are great for cooperative play but can also be used in the context of lessons. For instance, older students could use TEGU to learn about scale or fractions. Clicking the hyperlink or the image above will link to a great classroom set but there are smaller sets available too.

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