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DAY 3: Dry Erase Rolls

Posted on December 03, 2011 in News

Want to bring a little fun into the classroom? Let students break the rules and write on the furniture for a lesson, day, or for an entire unit by spreading dry erase paper on your tables or on individual student desktops.

These rolls are really fun for collaborative math problems, taking graphic notes or brainstorming exercises. Visual learners will love them as will all of your young artists. The dry erase “desk” can also be a choice offered during a writing assignment- students can choose, for instance, pen and paper, computer, or the dry erase tabletop.


  1. From Julie Mecikalski on 5 Dec 2011

    I have never seen dry erase rolls before. Where can you get them?

  2. From Paula Kluth on 5 Dec 2011

    Hi Julie – you can click on the hyperlink or image in the post to see the dry erase roll offered at