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Posted on November 17, 2011 in News

For at least three great reasons, I am posting the blog for Including Samuel as our featured resource this week:

  1. My inclusion group (Oak Park Inclusion Network) along with a neighborhood inclusion group (Riverside Inclusion Network) are hosting a screening of the film tonight at the Maze Branch Public Library here in Oak Park, IL. We will begin at 6:00 with the film and it will be followed by a short panel discussion. We are really excited about bringing this great film to our community
  2. I have featured the movie website before on Facebook but never have featured Dan’s blog specifically and it is full of great stories, feedback, and information
  3. Dan’s most recent post links you to an amazing OP ED by my fearless colleague, Cheryl Jorgenson. It is about inclusion in New York and it is fantastic- not to be missed!


  1. From Tina Krummel on 21 Nov 2011

    Paula I was at your conference in Ripon this fall. I have told everyone about you and highly recommend you to others. I am using your books and really enjoyed the sessions. I wasn’t about to post on the site for the conference feedback. I was having trouble logging in, but wanted to tell you Thank You for so many great ideas…
    Tina Krummel