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Talking Autism and Inclusion in San Diego

Posted on July 02, 2011 in Autism, Inclusion

There are so many great things to report from the Autism Institute Summer Conference in San Diego. First of all, I got to see many talented colleagues present including Anne Donnellan, Martha Leary, Christi Kasa and Ari Ne’Eman. I also got to try my hand at improv in one of the breakout sessions (TONS of fun).

The best part of the 3 days, however, was talking to all of the enthusiastic participants. One of the neatest conversations I had was with a teacher who came to get a few new ideas for the classroom. She also came to buy books and had a handful when she approached me to get them signed. She explained that she comes to conferences and “shops” the book tables. When she finds helpful books, she buys two copies and gives one to her classroom assistant. Then, they get together on Sunday mornings and discuss what they are learning! I was so inspired, and I just had to get a photo with her. Don’t you love to hear about the great work our teachers are doing to support, understand, and include all learners?


  1. From Eileen Yoshina on 2 Jul 2011

    Love it…depleting as an example of the things teachers do so regularly and without expectation of recognition, reward or pay for kids!!