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It’s That Time of Year Again

Posted on April 01, 2011 in Autism

If you have not yet discovered my Facebook page, now is a great time to visit. Today starts my second year of offering “30 Days of Tips” in recognition of Autism Awareness Month. Be sure to post your comments on the Facebook page for a chance to win one of the weekly giveaways.


  1. From Mary Meduna on 21 Apr 2011

    I left this on your fb post today too, but I am very excited about this Wretches and Jabberers movie. Syracuse U is involved. I would LOVE to see this movie!

  2. From Paula Kluth on 29 Apr 2011

    It will be showing here on May 12th (Chicago)– details coming!

  3. From Erin @ Small Types on 10 May 2011

    Paula, I am so glad to find you and this terrific site! It’s chock full of great resources, and I can’t wait to explore more!
    Thanks again for your kind words on Facebook last week!

  4. From Christine Angel on 12 Jun 2011

    I wanted to thank you for coming to Hartford,CT in April 2011. Your ideas about posting posters in the bathrooms to make it more attractive for the kids was terrific! My little one just loves sitting on the potty and staring at the kittens and puppies!