Want to motivate learners and make lessons memorable? Incorporate the occasional costume to drive your message home. Teach as an atom, a pioneer or as Rosie the Riveter.

This website is dedicated to promoting inclusive schooling and exploring positive ways of supporting students with autism and other disabilities. Most of my work involves collaborating with schools to create environments, lessons, and experiences that are inclusive, respectful, and accessible for all learners.


Tip 17: Teach Playground Games

Posted on April 17, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

So many children struggle during recess. Some cannot figure out how to spend the time and others may identify activities, but lack skills to engage in those activities. One way to support these learners is to explicitly teach playground games to all students in the school.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

One way to support these learners is to …

Tip 16: Opt for iPad AAC Options

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

When I was a teacher, trying a new AAC system required renting a device from the district. If they didn’t have the one you wanted in stock, you had to wait weeks or even months. Then, if the device or system seemed to work for the person, you began the process of advocating for the purchase of the device. In some cases, this process may still be a reality.

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The iPad and other devices like it …

Tip 6: Individualize Standards and Objectives

Posted on April 06, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

One of the most common misunderstandings of inclusive education is that all learners need to have the same learning targets and outcomes. A teacher told me recently, “What will he do in earth science? He can’t even read!”

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days

Tip 5: Use Inclusion as a Teaching Tool

Posted on April 05, 2012 in Autism, Inclusion, News

Today’s clip is from the bonus footage of my DVD and Professional Development Package. The footage includes a series of 10 questions about inclusion answered by administrators, teachers, and parents.

Paula Kluth 30 Tips in 30 Days


Posted on March 29, 2012 in Inclusion, News

Do not miss this week’s recommended site, Inky Ed.

You will want to subscribe to Inky Ed so you can follow young Mac’s journey through an inclusive education. His mom does such an impressive job of telling their family story while she shares favorite tips, strategies, and resources for school …

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