Read a book to your student. Then read it again but, this time, have the child read along with you as much as he can. Reading in unison is a great way to support fluent reading.

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Idea #10: Writing workshop checklist

Posted on April 10, 2013 in Autism, Literacy

Another idea from A Land We Can Share: Teaching Literacy to Students With Autism, by Paula Kluth and Kelly Chandler-Olcott

Checklists are a helpful tool for teaching new skills to any student, especially those on the spectrum who may feel especially comforted to know exactly what is required of any activity, assignment or task. A checklist like this one can also help students who like mathematics and numbers keep “score” on their writing.

They can see how many days in a row they were able to work without reminders, count the number of paragraphs written across days and weeks, and even eventually tally how many pieces of writing they finished in each different genre.

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