If you are concerned that a student does not understand your directions, ask him/her to repeat them back to you or to a peer.

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WEBSITE WEDNESDAY: Carly Fleischmann

Posted on May 09, 2012 in Autism, News

If you have been to one of my autism workshops, you may have seen the video I play of Carly Fleishmann. Carly is non-verbal and types to communicate, and you learn more about her on the web at Carlys Voice.

She has been on Larry King, Ellen, The Talk, and many other programs. She has just written her first book and you can order it right on her site. Carly’s story is really important and it is one I would share not just with families and teachers, but with students too.


  1. From Alyssa Branson on 22 Apr 2013

    I attended a workshop on April 17, 2013 in Ontario and you played this video. Where can I find it? I would love to share it with more people I work with! Thanks

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